Friday, January 31, 2014

Mobile Offices For Special Events

Planning an outdoor event?

Modular Buildings are used throughout the USA for sporting events,art galleries, political fund raising events. Large special events need television coverage space, logistical planning, stars and event space, ID and Police/security badges. All of these spaces can be accommodated easily with mobile offices. The alternative is a "tent" that can be blown away in bad weather or that is too time consuming to put up & take down for short term events.

Mobile offices can be delivered and installed usually in a day including stairs, and can be generator powered with holding tanks for fresh and waste water if you want flushing toilets.

Mobile office Special Event Tips:
1. Ask what the insurance requirements are.
2. Make sure the quote includes delivery/set/removal/permits
3. Logistics, can they get the mobile office to your site
4. Do you want plumbing, if so make sure to get cost on holding tanks
5. Look at the mobile offices and make sure they are clean and attractive

Special events take planning as much as a year in advance. To talk with our team call:
(800) 441-8577 x 1


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